Color: Red or White
Is Great With: chocolate; desserts with nuts, like pecan pie and hazelnut cake; tiramisu; blue cheeses
Sweetness: Typically sweet, but can be semi-sweet or dry
Body: Medium

Port is a style of wine that originated in the northern area of Portugal. Port is typically a sweet red wine, but there are also dry, semi-sweet, and white Port varieties. Though technically speaking, true “Port” comes from the Douro Valley in Portugal, where winemakers have to follow specific rules, like grape varieties, grape yield, and so on, Port-style wine is produced all over the world. Port is a fortified wine, which means distilled liquor has been added to the original wine. This kills the yeast, which stops the fermentation process, leaving residual sugar and raising the alcohol level.

Port is traditionally served as a dessert wine, but can be a great way to start a meal, especially with cheese. Port has the added advantage of lasting longer than unfortified wine once the bottle is opened.

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