In shop wine making experience

Celebrate life and share the wine making experience with friends and family.

Wine making is a great social experience to share with others who love and appreciate wine. You’ll experience the feeling of pride in craftsmanship from the wine you make and will look forward to sharing it with others. What a great feeling it is to bring the wine you’ve just made to the next gathering with family or friends!

Whether you are a novice, and enjoy a glass of wine or you are an expert aficionado and want to further develop your knowledge with a hands-on approach, Vintner’s Circle is a place for everyone.

Year round we offer more than 50 wine varieties from different regions for you to choose from. Our premium juices are grown and pressed directly at selected vineyards all over the world. The juice is shipped directly to our quality producers where it is stabilized for packaging. We take great pride in the wines we offer. Our promise is that you will be completely satisfied or we will replace it. We offer complementary wine tastings daily in all of our shops, so please come in and judge the wines for yourself!

You’ll love your wine, we guarantee it.

So get started now, contact one of our local shops and our professional winemakers will help you to choose the right wine for you to make, based on your tastes and lifestyle.

Learn how, in four easy steps, you can craft, bottle and brand your very own wine.