Where did wine kits come from?

November 19th, 2008 by admin in interesting facts

The birth of wine kits can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia, where people would store dried grains and dates. Then they would crumble this concentrated source of sugar into water and allow it to ferment with the natural yeast present on the dates.

Prohibition sparked the next generation of wine kits. Grape producers in California shipped bricks of dehydrated Zinfandel grapes to Chicago and New York in railcars. These concentrated bricks of grapes came with a strong warning label: “CAUTION! Do not add these grapes to 5 gallons of water and five pounds of sugar with yeast, or it will ferment into wine, which is ILLEGAL”.

In the 1970’s the first of modern day wine kits where developed. The quality of the wine kits increased as the technology for packaging, preserving, and concentrating juices improved. During the last 15 years the demand for grape juice concentrate in the wine beverage industry soared due to industry demands and the advances in juice concentrating technology. Today, many commercial wineries bulk-store their crushed grape juice as concentrates until they are able to use it for winemaking.

Today’s wine kits can create wines of exceptional quality and value.  Certain manufactures even guarantee the quality of the wine you can produce.  When seeking a wine kit manufacturer, or a place to make your own wine, search for someone who will guarantee the quality of the wine produced.


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